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Malaysiakini's Readers' Comments To My Letter

Assalamualaikum wbt.

My letter was published in Malaysiakini. The title is Liquor-related work not okay for Muslims .

I was so attracted by comments given by Malaysiakini's readers' towards my writing. Here, I want to share it with all of you. Actually, this letter was sent to Malaysiakini, The Star and NST. Only Malaysiakini published it.

-Its amazing how the mind of mohd Masri works. I wonder how the world would be if everyone thinks like him. But then again, humanity needs people like him. Just like we need bad to know good, dark to see light, mohd masri is here to show intelligence by defining stupidity. Here's an interesinng article on Morroco. 

It has been ordained by God that the quran is complete, fully detailed and He has made it easy for the believers to understand. As the Great Prophet Muhaammad Ibn Abdullah died, so is the end of any new "wahyu" (God's command, inspirations, proposals, prohibitions, advice, enlightenment, etc. towards MANKIND through Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Be that as it may, suffice for us believers to understand and be aware that it is the later emergence ( about 250 years after the death of the Great Prophet) of manmade religious indoctrinations in Islam in the name of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and consequently in the name of God that has contributed to the multi-facet problem of Islamic civilizations from there on until today. There is no where to be found in the holy quran with regards to the quoted hadith as noted by the writer. Whose words am I to honour between those that are from The Creator Himself (quran) and those from mere mortals, ie man?

- Please look at the bigger picture. All this nonsense is pushing Malaysia along a very dangerous path towards intolerance and crass stupidity. How are we ever going to move forwards when the least intelligent and most closed-minded elements in society are calling the shots. It is always going to be a problem when 7th century solutions are proposed for 21st century problems! MD

I'm aware of two major cases of pramatism on such issues in the Muslim world. The Islamic Republic of Iran - was and still is an important exporter of fine wines. The Islamic government there has not forbidden it, for two important reasons - its good export income, and who's going to feed the wine growers, their many employees and their families ? Morocco , also overwhelmingly a Muslim country, has a lucrative pig-growing industry. The farmers, the farm workers are all Muslim. Of course they don't eat pork. But as far as they, and the Moroccan government is concerned, its an honest living.

- Why not get the Islamic council to issue a fatwa to prohibit all muslims from working in any industry or deal in any product or related industry and product that is not syariah compliant. That would solve once and for all all "evil actions" in accordance with the religion and forget your escape clause of "pick and choose." Then there will be plenty of jobs for the nons in hotel, tourism and hospitality industry, banking & finance sector, airlines, retail industry etc. Sometimes I wonder whether all those fanciful and luxurious leather handbags, belts, shoes, car seats are syariah compliant.

- lets not impose our values on others for a harmonious neighbourhood. we respect each other. muslim leaders can advise fellow muslims what to do and what not to do. but do not impose and force your values on non muslims. non muslims respect you and your religion. for example for the hindus slaughtering of cow is forbidden. but they understand that others do not follow the same thinking therefore they accept others slaughtering cows. lets develop tolerance which is a religious virtue. similarly muslims forbid drinking alchohol. muslim workers should not take up those jobs if they dont subscribe this. but dont impose that shops dont sell alchohol. lets take religion to higher level such as corruption, govenance, tolerance, forward thinking than to take it to our kitchen.

- The writer quoted ONE hadith that says muslims should have nothing to do with intoxicants but there are many more Quran verses that call on the faithfuls to improve their lot by diligence and hardwork. Working in a service or hospitality industry is one way to improve our lot. Why deny this opportunity? Furthermore, empowering people by giving them choices improves society at large. In Saudi Arabia, Saudi women do not work as nurses (although they can work as doctors), nurses are the expats of the country. Consequently, the nursing care and its development in Saudi are at the hands of the 'foreigners' as there are no home grown capability, which is a great loss to the country.

I agree with the writer, just sack all the muslims form the brewery companies, air asia, MAS, hotels, food, pubs, 7-11 outlets, ..All these jobs can be given to the honest and hard working non muslims.

- Dear bro, is this a greater sin than getting gaji buta; government filling up the pockets of muslims with free(haram) money, instead of giving to poor non-muslims; free stock in companies, free land, free business money, free money (APs), free scholarships to undeserving muslims, free promotions to undeserving muslims. Are all these not sinful? How come no muslim complains about this? Because these are not found in any hadith? You have no god given intelligence to make a moral judgement on these? Spirituality is between the person and god. Religion is just a vehicle for the journey of spirituality. Religion is not the end-all. 

- I support you brother! 

- UNDERSTOOD!!!!!!UNDERSTOOD!!!!! But why go for these small boys who are trying to earn bread and butter, Islam allows you to eat pork if you have no other food, I am sure it will allow you this job if you have no other job. why the double standards, I believe there is a very important Muslim Personality, looked upn as a religous authority in the state who has dealing with places that sell liquor, and beer, check out the Hard Rock Cafe, Then there is one of Mahathir's sons who is a major shareholder of Asia's most prominent brewery, 'San Miguel' go after them first get them punished before going for these small boys, where is the fairness????? This can't be Islamic can it?

- Prophet Muhammad said: Allah has cursed intoxicants, its drinker, its server, its seller, its buyer, its presser, the one who demands it to be pressed, its carrier, the one to whom it is conveyed and the one who consumes its price (recorded in Sunan Abi Daud). But the Christian God loves everybody and while they were yet sinners, Christ died for their sins. One can make a million prohibitory laws but Christ's love surpasses all of them.

- Mohd Masri, are you suggesting that all the thousands & thousands of Muslims currently working in places where alcohol is served to be content to support their families just by "selling nasi lemak, goreng pisang and so on"? You say “We can see how a single mother can support her family by selling nasi lemak, goreng pisang and so on. Can't we see how a man supports his family by doing 'dirty' jobs like collecting rubbish and so on?” Seriously. You know that a single mother is able to support her family this way, and a man can support his family collecting rubbish? Have you even bothered to find out how exactly these people live? Do you even know how they struggle just to feed their children the cheapest of foods, while paying for a tiny home to live in, how they can barely afford to buy them even the cheapest of clothes let alone new uniforms & books for school; how they can barely afford medical treatment when needed or other essentials??? Please be realistic!!!!!!!

- I think we are beginning to walk a fine line between personal 'sins' and state's obligation. Can I expect state ordered covering of aurat (male and female), no female passengers in a taxi etc, closing of shops during prayer time? How about 'corrupting' TV programs, so on and so forth. Maybe we'll start flogging those who didn't go for Friday prayers then the 5 daily prayers too. Then those who delay their 5 daily prayers and later those who din't perform 'jemaah at the mosque' for their daily prayers? 

- how about muslims working in conventional banks that charge interest-taking, should they all quit? how about air-stewardess in MAS, they should be taken over by foreigners, how about hopitals using alcohol as antiseptic?Ha, they like to argue by extrapolation/extension.

- I think lets be clear if under the constitution that malaysia is an islamic state... I know it is back to square one - and pls dont say that the syariah is only for muslims and none of non-muslims concerned. Is the syariah constitutional?

- I agree. Just sack all those Muslim brewery workers (including directors and even shareholders) and air stewards/stewardesses who have to serve alcohol and give their jobs to the many deserving non-Muslim's who speak better English. God knows we need the jobs.               

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